55mm Compact Doors

For doors width measurement up to 2500mm wide, we recommend the 55mm compact door. This door is made from 55mm double skinned interlocking slats and rolls up into a neat 200mm headroom. This system is perfect for obtaining maximum space in the garage. The narrow side channels mean you will not lose any width and in many scenarios will gain some.


Multiple doors

Our fitters complete 2 installs per day one am and one pm, so with 2-3 door sites or even more doors there are discounts available. We also extend multi-door offers to neighbours as well. So if you and your neighbour have new doors installed at the same time you are entitled to a multi-door discount. It strictly applies to doors on the same or adjoining properties.


7 Day Express Service

Looking for a quick installation? With our unique onsite fitting service, we can save time because when you place your order with an express service we get working on it straight away. Your local installer stocks most colours 55mm compact doors ready for onsite manufacturing for the perfect installation!! Available for 55mm compact doors only we can guarantee a 7 day express installation so if you're looking for garage doors fitted fast, this can be included by the surveyor for an additional fee of £99.00 per door.


With all 55mm compact door systems, we provide the doors slightly oversized in kit format. Once your old door is removed the installer is able to measure your new door millimetre perfectly working from a blank canvass. It also means you have a choice of position up to the time of installation in case you have a final change of heart to the position first ordered. This service for 55mm compact doors ensures we maintain a first-time installation every time. All 77mm doors are measured and made to size in our factories prior to installation. Included in the fitting service the fitters also take away your old door and rubbish within their price and once finished they provide you with a full demonstration, instructions booklet, payment receipt and warranty certificate

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